The Lynda Brannen Williamson Foundation Women's Academy

The Lynda Brannen Williamson Foundation (LBWF) Leadership Academy is a personal leadership development program to improve career, mentoring, and service opportunities for women. The understanding of Leadership through women’s lens will be interwoven throughout each of the sessions.   
Women identified for the program will have leadership potential, career aspirations, and a commitment to community and servant leadership as a lifetime journey. 

What has the Lynda Brannen Williamson Foundation Women's Academy Meant to You?

Hear from the Class of 2016-2017
lbwf class of 2018

Members of the Class of 2015-2016

Amy Anderson

Reagan Daly

Jennifer Douglas

Catherine Groover

Niki Guarnio

Ty Johnson

Jenna Lawson

Christa Mallard

Hannah Mullins

America Minc

Ava Purcell

Jamie Riggs

Sally Scott

Cicely Sikes

Kelly Spence

Christina Young

Members of the Class of 2016-2017

Marcya Barriero

Molly Bickerton

Caitlyn Cofer

Leslie Cushner

Mandy Edwards

Gloria Morgan Goosby

Tina Haranda

Amy Harrelson

Meagan Johnson

Catherine Muse

Star Harris

Kelli Newman

Erica Sellers

Kathryn Smith

Jenna Tyson

Tiffany Walraven

Members of the Class of 2017-2018

Kinsley Baker

Kim Billings

Tammie Bishop

Rebecca Brown

Krisha Craven-Phillips

Samantha Deal

Mary Kathryn Griffin

Memory Littles

Christy Marsh

Ryan Marsh

Michele Martin

Samantha Smith

Brandy Daniel Snell

Valerie Thompson

Daphne Totten

Amanda Vernon

Members of the Class of 2018-2019

Sarah Akins

Kristina Brewton

Kate Channell

Mindy Fair

Catherine Findley

Sharmequa Franklin

Jessica Green

Latrecia Harden

Kara Holland

Jodi Kennedy

Raymona Lawrence

Yvette Ledford

Rachel Miller

Jana Phillips

Lori Stephens

Tasheina White

Nominations for the 2019-2020 LBW Leadership Academy will open in May 2019!